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GoPro Hero 3 Slow Motion Edit (240fps)

The 240fps setting on your GoPro is one of the best settings to capture slow motion video. I’ve messed around with several different setting inside my Gopro hero 3 and always come back to the 240fps setting. GoPro Tips & Tricks Ebook Download What setting do you use on your Gopro hero 3 or go […]


Gopro Hero 3+ Must Have Accessories (Video)

What accessories are a must have for 2014? For me an extra battery and a good SD card are a must. The video below gives you a good idea of what you need in your EDC go pro case. From mounts to SD cards check out the video below to see what you should have […]


GoPro Hero 3 VS GoPro Hero 3+ (Black Edition)

Should I save a few bucks and purchase the GoPro hero 3? Is the new GoPro Hero 3+ really worth the extra money? In the end it’s up to you. What are you going to be using the camera for? Is the difference in the two really gone make or break the outcome of your […]


What size memory card do I need for my go pro? (Video)

I get a lot of emails and pm’s asking this question. ‘What size SD card should I get for my go pro” Instead of creating a post about this I wanted to post a video so everyone can see and so I can point folks who ask this to this link. If you have a […]


GoPro Time Lapse Tips (Video)

Have you seen some of the super cool extremely long time lapse footage out there? If you want to know how to get the really long time lapse footage using you’re go pro hero check this video out. It has really really good tips on how to get the best time lapse footage. Did you […]


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