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GoPro Tips Hero 4 Black Sharpness Comparison

Looking at upgrading your GoPro Hero? Watch the video below for an excellent 24-120fps sharpness comparison. The video below will give you a clear example of the sharpness setting on your camera. If you have questions about the comparison video after you watch it, please feel free to post your question in the comment section […]


GoPro Blackout Housing Review (Video)

GoPro blackout housing review. What’s the point of the blackout housing besides it just looks pimp? None really. It does keep the GoPro more incognito but really why would you need that? I personally like it and will eventually purchase it based on the cool factor.. GoPro Tips & Tricks Ebook Download What do you […]


Amazing GoPro Hero 4 Photos (Picture)

You’ll be amazed at how good of a photo you can get with a GoPro Hero camera. A lot has to do with the editing software you use that really gives the picture that pop. Some has to do with the different angles and the light that you have on the subject. I wanted to […]


GoPro Hero Upside Down Recording (Video)

GoPro Hero has several different settings. One that isn’t used a lot and is overlooked is the upside down setting. Why would you need to set the GoPro to record upside you ask? It actually have more pros than cons. The biggest pro is getting less shaky footage. Yes, that’s right the footage will not […]


GoPro Hero Tips & Tricks Hero 3+

GoPro Hero 3+ Camera Tips GoPro cameras have changed the way we see outdoor sports and record our own adventures. The technology packed inside these cameras is down right awesome. No matter young or old the GoPro camera is so easy to use anyone can master their GoPro. It’s changed the way we view extreme […]


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