2015 Buyer’s Guide GoPro Hero “Tis The Season”

Lot’s of new things in the works here @ GoProTips&Tricks. We’ve had several amazing opportunities present themselves over the last several weeks. As the Holidays get closer I’ll be able to provide more detail about the plans we have in the works:)

For now I wanted to provide all the readers and visitors ‘Kyle Martian’s” Newest video Titled “2015 GoPro Holiday Buyer’s Guide”

Lot’s of great info from one of the industries top experts packed into this excellent video. Want to see more video like this one? Visit Kyle Martian’s Youtube Channel GoPro Tips & Tricks .

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Use a GoPro Hero Camera To Self Document Pics & Video

Recently we have had a number of emails come in asking what is the best way to capture video and pictures when filming solo. We’ve responded to those emails but wanted to put up a quick tutorial that GoPro.com has made live on their YouTube Chanel last year.

In the video below you’ll find several key tips to shooting and getting the most out of your GoPro Hero camera. If you feel like you still need help mastering your GoPro, Download & Start filming/editing like a professional today.

GoPole GoPro Hero Camera Grip (Review)

Here you go guys I found this review super helpful in making a decision to build or buy a GoPro Hero Pole grip. Check out this review of the grenade grip. It’s small but yet still severs a purpose.

In the end I made my own for about $12. You can find the parts needs to make this go pro mount at any local hardware store. Others will prefer to order the grip and thats fine I would normally do the same. This DIY mount is so simple and cheap I had to try.

Check out the video and let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

Thank you everyone for your support.

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GoPro Hero Mota Wireless Battery Charging System

As a GoPro Hero owner you already know the one major downfalls of the cameras is their batteries. The batteries need to be charged multiple times throughout the day or you have to own several batteries.  I do not know how much battery you guys get on average but I normally get about an hour sometimes 70 minutes. That means I need to have at least 4-5 fully charged batteries before I head out for a day or recording..

Mota has recently released an awesome new items that makes charging GoPro Batteries that much easier. Introducing the Mota wireless batter charger for GoPro Hero batteries.

Stop fighting that hard to open water proof case that your beloved camera lives in. Simply slap it down on the charging surface of the Mota batter charger and the hero’s battery will start charging. Yes, it’s really that simply.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself in the video below.

Thanks again for an awesome revive video Kyle.