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Gopro Hero 3+ Must Have Accessories (Video)

What accessories are a must have for 2014? For me an extra battery and a good SD card are a must. The video below gives you a good idea of what you need in your EDC go pro case. From mounts to SD cards check out the video below to see what you should have […]


GoPro Underwater Dive Housing Filter??

Did you know there was such a thing? I didn’t but sure am glad I do now. Wonder what this GoPro dive housing filter is for? Let me try to explain. You can use these filter to correct exposure issues with the GoPro underwater and also create some pretty cool special effects with the small […]


Making A GoPro Battery Last Longer

GoPro Hero batteries do not last long enough. If you are a Videographer or just use the goprohd for fun, you have most likely ran out of battery at some point during the day or shoot. Download GoPro Tips & Tricks Ebook! GoPro says the Hero 2 and ┬áHero 3 have a battery life of […]


GoProHD Wifi Backpack & Remote Thoughts

If you have a goprohd, then you most likely have seen the Wifi Backpack and Remote kit that is out for use with the hero cameras. The combo kit comes in at $80 dollars which is kinda of expensive. If you have the extra money laying around and it’s burning a hole in your pocket, […]


Top 5 GoPro Mounts & Accessories 2013

I have gathered a few of the best gopro mounts on the market for this up coming year, 2013. These mounts range from fixed position mounts to being able to adjust the camera to just about any angle imaginable. Download GoPro Tips & Tricks Ebook! The gopro mount that tops the list at least in […]


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