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    hi, just stumbled on your advice vid’s ….awesome stuff man..!

    what video editing do you suggest for desktop (windows) and for iPad….i have imovie and pinnacle but want something more powerful? they both prety limited :(

    tx for the great work.


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    Hey man.

    I was just wondering for a diy video could you get an mointer for your camera like a 4.3 inch car revesing one from ebay for around $15. Then get an av wireless transmitter and reviver and set it all up. Thanks trent

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      Trent, thanks for the comment man. I’ll see what I can do. I’ll keep you posted here.


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    Is there any way that I could get the GoPro App on to my Apple Mac computer ?
    Many thanks, and if this message is in the incorrect place , I apologize.

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