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It’s getting to be that time of year where the goprohd camera only comes out for fishing or hiking outdoor activities. During the off season all we can do is google and watch gopro bike videos on YouTube and Vimeo.

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Once the first snow hits all of our downhill Mnt bike and Dirt bike trails are not ridable until spring thaw. Usually that is in mid to late april before any of the lower trails are ridable again. Until then we are stuck watching old clips and new ones of friends that have just got around to putting there day into a video for us to watch. Below is a link to one of the sickest gopro bike videos on the net. I just wanted to share this with everyone so you guys out their jonesing to ride can jones even

GoPro Bike Video Downhill

I like watching videos on YoTube but it seems like Vimeo is where some of the most talented videographers upload there videos. A lot has to do with the music you can use and also the underground atmosphere is has about it. I hope you enjoyed the video above I thought it was edited really well.

All you really need to get really great gopro bike video is have a decent mount for your camera. The goprohd hero bike mounting clamp will handle just about anything you can throw at it. It is a small but versatile mount that can be used for many other applications besides a downhill mountian bike video.

gopro bike mount


With the above mount you can get some very cool angles. You can use the gopro bike mount on the frame on the handle bar or on the seat post. Whatever angle you need you can probably get it with this very simple and fairly cheap gopro mount. I have this same mount and use it on my snowmobile and also on my fishing rod to get some short filler video for what ever kind of video I’m making at the time.

If you have a gopro bike mount you would like to share please use the contact form so we can share it with all of our readers here at go pro tips and tricks.

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