GoPro Camera Tricks

There’s lot’s of GoPro tricks out there. Some of the tricks show how to set up and use the different modes the camera has and others show which setting work the best given the shooting circumstances.

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In this post I want to share an important GoPro trick one that will allow you to get more time using the camera. Yes, that’s right a GoPro battery trick.

The battery on your camera is going to make or break your day out filming your adventure. To make sure you get the most of of your batter you can do several small tricks to improve battery life.

  1. Turn off WiFi. Turning off WiFi will help save battery life which will extend the amount of footage you can capture with your GoPro.
  2. Turn off Beeping & Blinking. Turning off the beeping & blinking doesn’t sound like a huge deal you’d be surprised how much this little GoPro trick saves battery life.
  3. Set your GoPro to manual 60 seconds off. This is a good setting to use if you are using the camera for quick panning shots and not extended shots like bombing the mountain. It’s easy to forget to turn the camera off or think you turned the camera off and did not. Using this setting will make sure the camera is shut off when not in use. Nothing sucks more than grabbing your camera to get some more footage and the battery was dead because you left it on in your bag.
  4. Keep your GoPro warm in cold weather. Keeping the camera warm will extended the battery life. This is huge when filming in freezing temps or ridding on the mountain. They make special bandanas that will help heat the camera to prevent shorted battery life in cold weather.


Below is a video that shows how to turn off the beeping & blinking on your camera. It also shows how to set the auto 60 seconds off mode.




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