GoPro Hero 3 VS GoPro Hero 3+ (Black Edition)

Should I save a few bucks and purchase the GoPro hero 3? Is the new GoPro Hero 3+ really worth the extra money? In the end it’s up to you. What are you going to be using the camera for? Is the difference in the two really gone make or break the outcome of your video? In my opinion I doubt it.


I was just recently in this exact same scenario. I’m the guy that likes to have the latest and know the guy.. Anyways, I ended up purchasing the GoPro hero 3. It just made sense for me and how I use the camera.


I did a lot of research looking at the difference in the 3 and 3+ (black edition) for me the 3 is everything I need in a small compact camera. The video below helped me decide which camera I wanted and or needed..


Check the video out below and let me know which way your leaning after you watch it you can use the comment box below to let me and the readers here @ goprotipsandtricks know which way your gona go.


I’d love to hear your feedback or answer any questions you have. Use the comment box below.


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