GoPro Tips & Tricks Time Lapse settings

Looking for the best setting to use on your GoPro Hero for time lapse footage? It can get complicated with all the different setting available on the GoPro.

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The video below will help clarify some of the different setting and which settings work best for time lapse footage.

Time lapse footage can be complicated once you figure it out the video you can get is really cool. Want to get the sunrise or sunset in slow mo without it being distorted. You need to set the camera up to best optimize your video.

I recently put together a video of an outdoor adventure and wanted to use the time lapse setting on the GoPro. I tried several different settings and wasn’t really happy with the quality. After watching the video above I was able to capture the time lapse footage in crystal clear video and use the footage in one of my videos.

I hope the video above was able to help you get some awesome GoPro time lapse footage as well.

2 Responses to “GoPro Tips & Tricks Time Lapse settings”

  1. Ivan says:

    Hi, I have tried taking timelapse photos for sunrise, but I have a problem, in the wee hours before the sun rises, the color tone for the photos are blue in color and when the sun about to rise, it brings the photos a little greenish tone and towards the end bright blue tone, but the photos does not gradually blend the color shades in between tones. I took the photos with a 5 sec interval.
    What is wrong? Should I put spot metering on or off?
    Thanks, Ivan

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