Making A GoPro Battery Last Longer

GoPro Hero batteries do not last long enough. If you are a Videographer or just use the goprohd for fun, you have most likely ran out of battery at some point during the day or shoot.

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GoPro says the Hero 2 and  Hero 3 have a battery life of 2.5 hours. That’s continuous recording in average temps of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are looking to get a little more life out of the camera you can purchase the battery back pack for around $40. I don’t know about you but after shelling out $400 for the new hero 3 I’m not trying to shell out another $5 $10 or $40 dollars.

Do you use the LCD backpack on the back of your hero 2 or hero 3? I do and the battery life is absolutely horrible. With the hero 3 and LCD back pack paired I get around 90 minutes of recording. I did use the camera this weekend in 40 degree temps and the battery lasted roughly 65 minutes. That is with leaving the camera in standby mode and not turning it off after every time I used it for video.

A couple things I’ve noticed to get my GoPro Hero 3’s battery to last longer:

1. Use a wall charger.

Using a wall charger will give the cameras battery a way better charge and the charge will last longer actually I’ve noticed with some of my test about 30% longer.

2. Charge the battery with a car charger.

I have noticed If I use the car charge the battery will last longer then if I charged with the usb cord. I’m not exactly sure why but the USB cord does not give the battery a very solid charge.

3. Charging the battery when it is “Empty” will also get you a stronger and longer lasting battery life.

I normally try to charge the battery only after it dies. There are times however I have charged it from a half or quarter charge. If I have somewhere to be or forgot the night before, I’ll throw it on the car charger until fully charged.

4. make sure you have downloaded the latest firmware. GoPro will often release updates to their firmware. Often times this can be and has been related to battery life issues. I always update my cameras to the manufactures latest firmware updates you should to especially if you want the camera to operate to its full capability.

5.If the battery has been cycled a few hundred times I will replace it. I use my goprohd a lot. Well 2 to 3 times a week and even twice some weekends. I constantly have a GoPro battery on the car or wall charger. If I know the battery has been charged over a hundred times I start thinking about replacement. I only OEM battery direcctly from GoPro to ensure my camera last the longest and doesn’t get damaged from Chinese made part.

Hope these Gopro tips and tricks have helped save you some time and frustration. Content is constantly being added to the site so check back often for more tip’s and how to’s.


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  1. […] Making A GoPro Battery Last Longer – GoPro Tips And Tricks – GoPro Hero batteries do not last long enough. If you are a Videographer or just use the goprohd for fun, you have most likely ran out of battery at some point during the day or shoot. […]

  2. Gina says:

    I have just bought a Go Pro Hero camera, it’s just the Hero model not the hero 2 or hero 3. But I cannot find anywhere how to start using it. Any one know where I can get help

  3. admin says:

    Gina, do you have the manual for the Gopro? If not, it’s in the link below.


    Also, in the top right corner is a book that also covers the Hero 960. You can download the book. It gives you all kinds of tips and tricks that will help.

    I hope that helps.


  4. Leticia says:

    Hi!! Here’s what happened… I went traveling and putted my remote control to charge before leaving and forgot it!! It’s charging on a wall charger and I’ll be back only in 2 days from now… So, it’ll be charging for 3 days straight! Its brand new and it is its first charge ever.. Do you thank it’ll ruin the remote in any way?

  5. Eline says:

    I bought the GoPro Hero just a week ago. I charge it on my computer, but the day after when I want to use it, the battery is just empty! Maybe I should try a wall charger but I don’t know what tha problem is.

    • admin says:

      Hi, that’s very odd. Yes, try a wall charger. Double check the connections from the camera to the computer as well.


  6. Craig says:

    I am trying to use my go pro as a dash cam. It a little difficult to do this when the battery dies in such a short time. I have a hero 3.
    any ideas?

  7. Tonti says:

    Ive already fixed my gopro hero+ and i was able to take some photos and put my gopro in an idle. When im about to use it again i cant turn it on and the only thing ive noticed there is a LED blue light which keep on blinking. Thank you!

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