Do you want to master your GOPRO Hero? Looking to take your GOPRO Hero skills to the next level? If you want to master and understand your new GOPROHD camera there’s only one way to do so. You need to download and read Project GoPro.

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Learning how to use and understand the power of the camera is inside this book. You want better quality videos don’t you? You’d like to learn more then a few DIY GOPRO tips and tricks right? This book covers everything you could every want to know about these small yet powerful HD cameras.

Understanding resolution, field of view, frame rates they all will yield a better product in the end i.e.,pictures, video. Want to learn about spot metering, color balance, and how to fine tune color tone? Learn all these cool GOPRO tips and tricks and apply each and everyone to your own project to end up with a remarkable end product.

There’s a lot more then just features involved in getting great raw footage to later turn into a head turning film. You need to know about angles, story line, filming, and also learning how to get in the right mindset before you go out and capture that next adventure. These and a lot, lot more are all packed into this crazy good DIY GOPRO Tips and tricks book.

Pick up tips on how to extend your battery life so you don’t run out of battery before the SD card is full of killer footage. Learn how to maximize the space on your SD card so it doesn’t fill up. Which settings to use so that the SD card doesn’t fill up in minutes.

Are you into taking time lapse photos? Well there is a whole section on what settings to use and how to use this feautre on your GOPRO camera.