GoProHD Wifi Backpack & Remote Thoughts

If you have a goprohd, then you most likely have seen the Wifi Backpack and Remote kit that is out for use with the hero cameras. The combo kit comes in at $80 dollars which is kinda of expensive. If you have the extra money laying around and it’s burning a hole in your pocket, then purchase the kit. If you do not have the money and want another accessory then look or wait for something else. We recently purchased the hero 3 so we decided to get the wifi backpack and remote kit.

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Below is a picture of everything that comes with the Hero 2 and hero 3 Wifi backpack kit.

goprohd mount

goprohd Wifi backpack

If you are really into making videos and don’t want to have to touch the camera to start taking video or to snap a still photo then this may be for you.  The Wifi backpack kit is not only a connivence but it also can enhance your safety. You don’t wan’t to try and press the on button then the record button at the same time your bombing down a black diamond run at your favorite ski resort do you? I didn’t think so. Having the wifi remote strapped to your wrist is a heck of a lot more convenient.

Once of the cons about the goprohd wifi backpack is that it needs updated as soon as it’s opened. If you have done any research on this issue then you will see that there are many other hero 3 and hero 2 users that have had a lot of issues updating the camera. I just did the update several days ago and luckily for me it went smooth and I’m up to date now. Phew.

Another con is now instead of just one thing to charge you will have three. Now for some this might not be an issue. For me its a hug down fall and If I had thought about this it may have even been a purchasing factor. I didn’t even think about having to charge the camera, remote, and backpack, while I hurried down to the local tech store to buy the kit. Well I have it and after using it several times its a minor issue for the convenience of having the wifi kit on hand.

A pro is that this kit will enable you to start recording or you can take a still picture without having to touch the camera. If you use the goprohd to make videos this is kinda a big deal. Not touching the camera prevents any shaking which can cause the video to be shaky obviously but it will also cause the still picture to be distorted.I really like the connivence of the wifi backpack kit and would highly recommend getting it if you ate thinking about it. The pros far out weigh the cons with this particular accessory.

One issue I did find lacking is the remotes wireless distance. Especially if you are using the waterproof housing or dive housing. On several occasions I thought the camera was recording but to only find out later it never started. I wasn’t very happy needless to say and lost what I thought was some decent footage of some downhill mountain biking.  You would think from the handlebars to the camera on your head it wouldn’t be a big deal but in my case this has happened several times.

Would I recommend the goprohd wifi backpack kit? Personally if you have the extra cash laying around then yes. I like being able to get myself into a still picture if needs not suing the timed function and to also be able to use the camera to get only the video I want. Being able to turn the camera on when needed saves a lot of editing time and allows me to capture only the frames I want. So between the safety of being able to turn the gorprohd camera on without touching it and the extra battery life for me this is a hero 2 or her0 3 must.


GoPro AR15 Picatinny Rail Mount System

Have you ever wondered how you could mount your goprohd to an AR15? Well look no more because there is a very simple way to do this. You can simply buy this mount and mount your goprohd to the bottom, side, or top of any picatinny rail. Sounds cool, huh?

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GoProHD AR 15 Mount

GoProHD AR 15 Mount

GoProhd Picatinny Rail Mount

If you want to put together a video of your day out at the range, then this is the mount for you. This mount is pretty cheap but don’t let that scare you in terms of durability. Having seen and used these mounts first hand I can assure you from the tests we put them through they are solid. These guys have a quick video of them out at the range target practicing using there goprohd with the new picatinny rail mount system. I have attached the video below so you can see just what I’m talking about.

Installation of this go pro mount is a breeze. All you have to do to be in business is slide the mount over the picatinny rail tighten the small screw on the mount slide your goprohd on and you are done. This has to be one of the most versatile go pro accessories on the market for your AR15 today. If you enjoy watching shooting vides then this goprohd mount is for you.

Are you a big handgun shooter? If so these guys have you covered for all your goprohd gun mounts. GoPro AR 15 & Glock mounts These guys have a mount for a Glock that is pretty cool as well. Although I have never used or handled this particular one if it’s anything like the AR15 mount then there is nothing to worry about as far as dependability goes.

Glock goprohd mount

Glock goprohd mount

GoProHD Pole Mount

Top 5 GoPro Accessories 2013

Looking for the best gopro accessories on the market today? I have purchased 3 of the 5 in the last month and have nothing but good things to say about the last three gopro accessories I purchased.

For all you motocross and downhill Mnt bike guys gopro has multiple different mounts available. If you are looking for something a little more versatile, the chest mount should be your next gopro accessory purchase. I have personally used this mount for multiple applications in the last 30 days. I initially purchased this mount for motocross and trail riding. It turns out this accessory also works well for catching some really cool bobber downs and drift fishing bites on film. I have been able to get two bobber downs on film fishing for early winter steelhead this year which is really cool! I give this go pro accessory a 4 out of 5 since nothing could every be perfect. The straps seem to move a lot which required me to constantly have to adjust to make sure the camera was getting a good view of what was going on. Besides that I would highly recommend this accessory.

GoPro Chest Accessories

These are all in random order If money didn’t matter I would buy them all. The next is a premium accessory. I did purchase this and have nothing but good things to say about it therefore it made the top 5. The battery bacpac is a must especially if you do a lot of video stuff with your camera. I use video more then anything and usually use just the gopro for video and my SLR for still pictures. A premium gopro accessory because its coming in at $50 dollars. This little battery basically gives you double the life since it last as long as the battery that comes with the camera. If you use your camera a lot for video and always find yourself wishing the camera lasted longer, then this is a must.

GoPro Accessories Batter BackPac

The gopro accessory suction cup mount is one of the first mounts I bought. This mount works great for getting those shots that you just cant get wether it be from a moving object or if there is nothing to mount the camera to like a boats windshield. I have got some really cool video from mounting the suction cup on my boats windshield and motoring around the bay. The suction cup works really good on glass and metal but I seem to have issue getting it to hold its suction for any extended period of time on plastic. If you need a mount that will let you change angles quick then this is the accessory for you.

GoPro Accessories Suction Cup Mount

Another really cool accessory that I like and would recommend is the hdmi playback cable. This cable enables you to watch your video without having to download the content onto a computer. You can simply plug the HDMI cable into the TV or other monitor devise and watch the raw video. I have used this multiple times when I get home from a trip and don’t want to take the time to download the content because I know I got something really cool and I just want to see. This is not a must but it’s definitely nice.

Gopro Accessories HDMI Playback Cable

The last and finaly accessory I have to put on this list is the Dive Housing.I bought this a fe months back before I knew the Hero 3 was going to be released. The dive housing took my hero 2 and transformed it into a whole new device. Why they did not think about the problems they would have using the hero and hero 2 underwater I have no idea. The dive housing transformed the gopro into the best bang for your buck underwater camera. The before still shots and video without the dive housing turned out like crap. Just look around on some of the diving forums where people bought the hero 2 for some once in a life time dives and the video turned out distorted and washed out. if you don’t have the hero 3 and wan’t to seriously upgrade the hero2, then get the dive housing you will not regret it.

gopro accessories dive housing

gopro mounts