Record for 12hr with GoPro Hero Camera Limefuel Battery

Here’s another battery tip from us here at GoProTipsAndTricks. We just recently found these and are excited to start using them next week. Have any of you guys used the new lime fuel battery for GoPro Hero Cameras? Check out the video below if you love your go pro but hate the


GoPro Hero4 battery Review (Video)

We all know the one major downfall when using a GoPro is the battery life. I absolutely hate having to carry around several batteries and use setting that I don’t want to so I can conserve battery life on my GoPro. Check out 10 tips to extend GoPro battery life to make sure you’re doing everything you can to get the most out of your battery.

There’s lots of different options on the market to get the most out of your camera battery. You can carry around an extra set of batteries or use a mobile charger or even use a GoPro Pole to get the most out of your batteries.

Check out the video below to get the most out of your cameras battery. Make sure you understand which settings use the most battery and which setting conserve the most battery possible.

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