GoProHD Wifi Backpack & Remote Thoughts

If you have a goprohd, then you most likely have seen the Wifi Backpack and Remote kit that is out for use with the hero cameras. The combo kit comes in at $80 dollars which is kinda of expensive. If you have the extra money laying around and it’s burning a hole in your pocket, then purchase the kit. If you do not have the money and want another accessory then look or wait for something else. We recently purchased the hero 3 so we decided to get the wifi backpack and remote kit.

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Below is a picture of everything that comes with the Hero 2 and hero 3 Wifi backpack kit.

goprohd mount

goprohd Wifi backpack

If you are really into making videos and don’t want to have to touch the camera to start taking video or to snap a still photo then this may be for you.  The Wifi backpack kit is not only a connivence but it also can enhance your safety. You don’t wan’t to try and press the on button then the record button at the same time your bombing down a black diamond run at your favorite ski resort do you? I didn’t think so. Having the wifi remote strapped to your wrist is a heck of a lot more convenient.

Once of the cons about the goprohd wifi backpack is that it needs updated as soon as it’s opened. If you have done any research on this issue then you will see that there are many other hero 3 and hero 2 users that have had a lot of issues updating the camera. I just did the update several days ago and luckily for me it went smooth and I’m up to date now. Phew.

Another con is now instead of just one thing to charge you will have three. Now for some this might not be an issue. For me its a hug down fall and If I had thought about this it may have even been a purchasing factor. I didn’t even think about having to charge the camera, remote, and backpack, while I hurried down to the local tech store to buy the kit. Well I have it and after using it several times its a minor issue for the convenience of having the wifi kit on hand.

A pro is that this kit will enable you to start recording or you can take a still picture without having to touch the camera. If you use the goprohd to make videos this is kinda a big deal. Not touching the camera prevents any shaking which can cause the video to be shaky obviously but it will also cause the still picture to be distorted.I really like the connivence of the wifi backpack kit and would highly recommend getting it if you ate thinking about it. The pros far out weigh the cons with this particular accessory.

One issue I did find lacking is the remotes wireless distance. Especially if you are using the waterproof housing or dive housing. On several occasions I thought the camera was recording but to only find out later it never started. I wasn’t very happy needless to say and lost what I thought was some decent footage of some downhill mountain biking.  You would think from the handlebars to the camera on your head it wouldn’t be a big deal but in my case this has happened several times.

Would I recommend the goprohd wifi backpack kit? Personally if you have the extra cash laying around then yes. I like being able to get myself into a still picture if needs not suing the timed function and to also be able to use the camera to get only the video I want. Being able to turn the camera on when needed saves a lot of editing time and allows me to capture only the frames I want. So between the safety of being able to turn the gorprohd camera on without touching it and the extra battery life for me this is a hero 2 or her0 3 must.


Top 5 Gopro Mounts On the Market

Looking for a new gopro mount? Look no farther then goprotipsandtricks for your list of the top 5 gopro mounts out today.

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Every since the first production cameras came out in the early 1930’s people have wanted to mount cameras in different angles and positions to get the best shot or video. The photography business is forever changing same as the technology business.

I’m going to list the top 5 go pro mounts in no particular order. These mounts are some that I have used and some that I have researched to determine if they should be on this list.  These are all store bought mounts that are going to be listed in this article. In my next post I’ll describe the top ten homemade go pro mounts out there and link a few videos as well

Do you surf or kayak as a hobby? If so, the suction cup mount may be for you. I’ve used the go pro suction cup mount on my kayak several times and couldn’t be happier with it. I prefer to mount the camera up side down when using it in this fashion. Mounting it upside down help prevent some of the shaking that is experienced when using the camera in rough conditions such as heavy whitewater or surf.

Gopro Suction cup mount

The next go pro mount that I’m used to using is probably one of my favorite. This mount works great for several different uses but the one I use it most for is on a fishing rod. The handlebar-seat post mount is probably one of my favorites to use. The video angle is pretty cool and works really well for “filler” in videos. Because the angle of this mount it’s not something you can watch for a long time because you mostly see just the sky and the rod. Like stated above the video makes for great 10-15 second “filler” in short fishing videos we like to make.

GoPro Handlebar Mount

Another great gopro mount is the roll bar mount. I have bought several of these and have them set up on multiple fixed gopro poles. The roll bar mount fits poles that are 1.4″ to 2.5″ (3.5cm – 6.35cm) in diameter. I posted an article about using a go pro pole the link is below. I have several fixed carbon fiber poles that I use exclusively for boat applications and bank fishing excursions. gopro pole

GoPro Roll Bar Mount

Not one of my favorites but it defiantly makes the list is the head strap mount. This gopro mount is probably one of the most used today you see it everywhere. The only problem with this mount is again the shakiness and distorted video it captures. If you stopped for a second and think about how often and how fast you turn your head? Well try it? Exactly not picture that on the LCD big screen playing back. It’s not real fun to watch. Almost makes you feel like your out at see and are green in the face. Yes it makes you feel motion sick. Now this mount does work great for filler in videos and some other short clips. Overall a easy gopro mount to use and works as designed.

GoPro Head Strap Mount

Another cheap and great mount if you have some ingenuity laying around is the tripod mount. Now this little mount can turn a not possibly angle into possible and then some. I love this mount because it not only allows you to adapt multiple different attachments but also allows for homemade mounts to be adapted to it. I use this gopro mount on my my slr tripod and it works like a dream to get those shots I need with a little more stability to them.  Below you will find the link to the mount and also a small video that shows one use with the tri pod mount in many different angles.Tri Pod Mount Video

GoPro Tripod Mount.



How To Get Great Goprohd Photos

Are you wanting to capture great goprohd photos but aren’t sure how? The goprohd is one of the most versatile cameras on the market today.You can capture fantastic 12mp goprohd photos or 1080p 60fps video? For a camera this size it packs a huge mike tyson size punch.  The new Hero 3 is 30% smaller and 25% lighter then its predecessor the goprohd 2. Doesn’t sound like much but in all reality its huge. Having played with all three models now I can tell the drastic difference easily.

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The camera can not only take single pictures but also has burst mode. Burst mode is ideal when trying to get action shots of something or someone moving. Lets say you and your friends set up a 20 foot double double jump. You want to record the jump but also would like to have a picture of when you first take off from the jump and also maybe while your in the middle of the gap. Setting the goprohd to burst mode will allow you to capture 12 mega pixel images at 30 shoots per second. Now that is truly impressive for such a small piece of machinery.

On previous goprohd models photos would come out dark and even pixilated. The new Hero 3 has solved most of those issue for us. GoPro states that the new black edition is 2x better in low light situations then the hero and hero 2. That’s doesn’t seem like much but it’s actually huge when it’s taken with either the dive housing lens or the new hero 3 flat lens. Want better low light photos and still images from your go pro then you need to upgrade to the new hero 3 model.

The goprohd does not have a view finder and neither does it have flash. You can purchase a viewfinder for an additional $80 on line. In my opinion its far from worth it. Why this camera should be in your photography arsenal? It’s small, easy to pack, and can go in tight places a slr or point and shoot couldn’t. Want to take pictures of skate park rails simply set it up on the rail and shoot. It’s really that easy.

Goprohd also has the ability to connect with wifi. Oh how technology has advanced. You can set up your goprohd and without even touching it take photos or videos using your iPhone or iPad. With the new Gopro app anything shot it possible with these compact state of the art cameras.

We really enjoy using ours and don’t know what we would do with out it. Some of the things that we want to work on are goprohd time lapse and go pro underwater photos. Stay tuned for some of our attempts at getting some underwater action photos from our vacation last month.

Thanks for reading! If you have a goprotipsandtricks of your own and would like to share, please use the comment form below, or email the webmaster so we can share it. Thanks again now get out and take some goprohd photos!


Gopro Bike Jumps & Tricks

Do you ride downhill mountain bikes? Like gopro bike videos? Either on a mountain bike, dirt bike, or street bike gopro bike shots are cool!

Coming from a racing background I enjoy seeing gopro bike videos and even pictures. Motorcycles have been a passion of mine for nearly 15 years, so every time I see a gopro bike video I get pumped.

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Below are a couple gopro bike videos I’ve found and wanted to share with everyone here @ Goprotipsandtricks If you enjoyed the video, please share the page so others can as well.

Probably one of the sickest gopro bike videos on the internet today is the video link below. Gopro has gathered several of the best mountain bike riders in the world and put them to the test doing what they absolutely love. These guys get some of the sickest go pro bike video images in the world. From 20+ foot drops to 50+ foot gaps these guys capture it all! Some pretty amazing stuff these guys do. Can you imagine getting paid to ride Mnt bikes build sick jumps and hit sweet gaps all day long? Dang what it would be like to be sponsored by  GoPro. Travel the world hit some of the sickest jumps and drops on earth and party like a mad man.  The link below is a gopro shot and edited gopro bike video. Please check it out and let me know what you think by using the comment form below.

Below is a gopro australia shot video. In the video below this guy shows different angles to get good gopro bike angles. He test out some really cool angles and eveb gave me a handful of new ideas for my next ride. Pretty cool to see the shocks flex up close in this gopro australia shot video. Simply click on the video below and you will be taken to the YouTube server to watch this cool video.

I hope you have enjoyed the above gopro video links. The gopro australia shot video is not as intense as the one above it but it does offer some cool ideas on mount ideas for your next gopro bike video. If you have questions, comments, or your own goprotipsandtricks you would like to share, use the comment form below.

gopro bike


Using a Go Pro Pole

There are many different ways to use a go pro pole. Obtaining one is a different story. Since GoPro themselves to do not make or sell an actual go pro pole you will need to first buy one or use a little ingenuity and build one.

Building one is actually quite simple. If you are fairly mechanically inclined, building a go pro pole is quite painless.

You may want to build one smaller and longer or one that simply retracts. You can buy multiple different parts to make a fixed or retracing pole. I have had best results using fixed go pro poles that I have designed and manufactured myself. Building the pole is fairly simple and you may even have the stuff laying around the garage to do so.

I have prefer two different lengths since I use my gopro for multiple activities.  The first one that I built was rather crude and to the point. I used an old broom handle and bought the mount from the local big box chain to make it work. I simply wrapped electrical tape around the end to create a handle and I was in business. The second go pro pole I fashioned was a little more sexy and worked better for the way I use it most.

Go pro underwater shots are probably my favorite and I use mine mostly that way. I used a small piece of carbon fiber about two inches in diameter and left the tube hollow so water could travel through. That way if there was any current while I was using my gopro underwater the water would travel through the pole and put less pressure on the camera and my hand. Doing so created much better video and pictures because I was able to keep my hand much more steady. We all know the steadier your hand is while taking pictures the better your photography and video turns out.

I have a few different poles that I use. One that is shorted that I described above and another that is much longer. Since I’m able to get my hands on used carbon fiber I picked up a piece that was about 6 foot long. I put end caps on this one because I rarely submerge it in the water. I do however use this longer go pro pole from boats which gives me great leverage to get close to either fish being netted or to a friend fighting a fish who’s in the back of the boat. I really prefer the longer pole from situations like this because you can get really great shots and not be in the way of the action.

Do you have a go pro tip or trick of your own you would like to share? Do you enjoy taking great go pr underwater videos and pictures and would like to share a few? If so, we would really like to see and share them here @

Go pro pole and go pro underwater videos