GoPro Hero 3+ Should I Purchase The Floaty Back Door

A couple weeks ago I was on a fishing trip and I had my GoPro Hero 3 mounted to the top of a 225hp jet motor. I was trying to think outside the box in regards to video angles. I wanted to get some video from the top of the motor looking backwards and at us as we were flying down the river. I thought it would look cool thrown into a fishing video. Well the raw footage turned out pretty sweet.

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I had an unfortunate incident occur while my $400 camera was mounted to the top of the motor using the suction cup mount and the floaty backdoor. I had the GoPro mounted to the motor facing backwards I turned around to make sure it was still there and the angle was good well the camera wasn’t there!! Yes I freaked out thinking that my GoPro Hero 3 was gone for ever at the bottom of the river.

I had just recently purchase the suction cup mount and  a floaty back door. Well I assumed that the floaty back door would float the camera and mount. It doesn’t! But by the grace of God the camera somehow fell back into the sled and didn’t go into the river. Yes I was just as surprised as you.

After this incident I realized I should have tested the GoPro suction cup mount and floaty back door before I put my camera on top of the motor. When we stopped I took the camera and mount down to the bank and checked what would have happened if the camera would have went over board. Well the outcome wasn’t good! It sank right to the bottom.

After this happened it got me thinking about what can the floaty back door actually “Float”? After some googling around the net I found this video by MicBergsma. he shows exactly what will and won’t float using the floaty back door accessory.

Have you had an incident like this while using your GoPro Hero 3? If so I’d like to hear about it. Use the comment form below and let me know.