GoPro Hero 3 VS 3+ Review

Looking for a great review on the newest GoPro Hero 3 plus? Are you ready to pull the trigger and purchase the new hero 3 plus camera? I’m thinking about making the plunge and getting one for myself.

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I’ve been reading and watching different reviews and I’m torn. I’m having a hard time making the $400 purchase. Three months ago I bought the Gopro Hero 3 and thought I was good to go for at least a year. Well what feels like right after I made my purchase they went and upgraded what I thought was the latest and greatest.

One of the review videos that pretty much made my mind up or at least helped is the video below. If you are on the fence about buying the new camera from GoPro, maybe the video below will be able to persuade you one way or the other. It sure helped me.

Whatever you choose you can’t go wrong. I absolutely love my Hero 3 and with the price difference and sales going on lately I might buy another three before I buy a 3+.

Are you going to buy or have you already bought the newest GoPro Hero 3+? Either way leave a comment below and let us know.