GoPro Hero Tips & Tricks Hero 3+

GoPro Hero 3+ Camera Tips

GoPro cameras have changed the way we see outdoor sports and record our own adventures. The technology packed inside these cameras is down right awesome. No matter young or old the GoPro camera is so easy to use anyone can master their GoPro. It’s changed the way we view extreme sports and our own stupid stunts. Want to get the most out of your GoPro? Read on or download a copy of “Project GoPro” by clicking on the link to the right.

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Basic Camera Setup

The following GoPro tips are for first time users of the camera. These tips are for use with the hero 3+ but other models are very similar.

Condition a Lithium-ion battery:  One of the biggest down falls of these cameras is the battery life. Conditioning the battery right from the start will lead to a longer and better battery life. Starting with a full charge run the battery down until it’s dead. Do this the first two or three times and it will lead to longer battery life. GoPro doesn’t require you to do this but with any lithium-ion battery this is a good habit to get into. It will maximize the life and dependability of the battery.


Familiarize yourself with the buttons: The most important tip is to be familiar with the buttons and functions of the camera.You want to be able to adjust the setting inside the camera based on how your using the camera and for what your using it for.

GoPro Tips

GoPro Tips

Purchase a class 10 microsd card: GoPro requires a class 10 microsd card in their cameras. You want to use a quality SD card for several reasons. If the SD card is not a class 10 it may not write fast enough and the video footage may turn out choppy or slow. Quality SD cards are pretty cheap nowadays. Check out Amazon for a selection of class 10 microsd cards. Want to know exactly what microsd care GoPro recommends? Click Here for 3+ Manual 


Tips for shooting better videos: The default setting of 1080p and 30 fps is a good starting point. Eventually you will want to get some slow motion footage. Adjusting the setting inside the camera will get you better footage when you want to switch things up a bit.

Angle & Movement: Two things that will change the way your video comes across is angle and movement. When shooting in POV you want to capture movement. For instance say your walking on the beach try getting the water going across a foot or both feet. You can also change the angle by moving 360 degrees around the subject. Also move the camera up and down. Pan from different angles it adds to the footage like you wouldn’t believe. Those two GoPro tips will change your video to look more proffesional.

Short Clips Pay Off: Don’t make the scene to long. People will loose interest and the video will go on for way to long. A good rule of thumb for each scene is around 3-5 seconds. Using that rule of thumb will also make your video seem and look more professional.

Make A Plan: Having a plan will help you capture better footage which will make for a better video. Go over the plan with someone else or simply write the plan down. Just like a business plan you can look back on it and make sure your on track. Take lots of video when your recording. When you get back to the editing room you’ll be glad you did. Some things will turn out how you expect them to and other will not. Some footage you thought wasn’t going to turn out that good will actually have a place in the video.

Using Your Cameras Modes

GoPro cameras have several different modes. Depending on what kind of video you intend to make or your shooting style will help you choose the right mode to use.

Time lapse Video Mode: Time lapse mode basically compresses an extremely long clip into short time sequence. This is a really cool mode once you get the hang of it. Sunsets and rises make some really cool time lapse footage.

Slow Motion Footage: This is another really cool mode. The default setting on the camera is 30fps. When you want to capture some really cool slow motion video the best setting is going to be 120fps. You will need some sort of video editing software to review the slow motion video. iMovie, Final cut pro, something along those lines.

Burst Mode: This is a cool setting for capturing snowboarding or dirt bike jumps.  You can get up to 30 images in 1 second using burst mode. You can adjust the burst rate from 3 seconds and 5 seconds a frame and so on. This is a cool mode to play around with and get familiar with especially if you ride dirt bikes or snowboard.


Everyone knows that the one big downfall to these cameras is the audio. The audio sucks even with the frame case. If you are going to use this camera and need audio, your best bet will be to purchase an external microphone. There is an external microphone jack on the side of the GoPro. The Frame case is ok if you are using it indoors for a family get together or something similar. You don’t want to use the frame case when it is rainy or if there is a chance the camera will get wet. Also keep in mind that the frame case will and can allow dust and debris inside. Dust and dirt can and will scratch the lens on the camera. I don’t really care about the audio on my GoPro I usually add my own soundtrack to the finished video. If you’re going to do the same, then the external mic and or frame case isn’t needed.



Sharing Your Videos

You can upload your video to several different servers. Most of these servers like YouTube and Vimeo are free with an account. If yoga re unsure how to upload a video to a free server like this, please use the link below to read how.

How To Upload Videos To YouTube

Vimeo is also another very popular choice when it comes to uploading videos to the net. All you have to do is create a free account and you’ll be able to upload your videos all day long for free.  You can also upload videos to Facebook which is very, very common these days. You simply create the video log into Facebook and click the upload icon. Very straight forward.

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