GoPro Accessories OEM VS Cheap Knock off Version

Should you buy OEM or cheap knock off parts for your GoPro Hero camera? What’s the difference? In all honestly not that much. You’d actually be surprised at the quality of the knockoff parts available for your hero camera.

I’ve purchased a lot of OEM accessories and have little to no complaints about the fit and function. On the other hand the only real complaint I have about knock off parts is the build quality. The quality of the materials used is not as nice as OEM parts. The knock off parts still work as designed they just don’t have the same build quality of their OEM counterparts.

I would not hesitate for a minute to purchase and use more knock off parts. I recommend parts to friends and family that do not want to pay often times the extremely high prices for OEM parts. 

Have you purchased knock off parts? Have complaints? Love em? Let us know which parts you’ve purchased and hate or love..

GoPro Hero 3 Slow Motion Edit (240fps)

The 240fps setting on your GoPro is one of the best settings to capture slow motion video. I’ve messed around with several different setting inside my Gopro hero 3 and always come back to the 240fps setting.

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What setting do you use on your Gopro hero 3 or go pro hero 3+? Let us know in by leaving a comment in the comment section below.

This video shows some slow motion edits using the 240fps setting. Check it out and let me know what you think?

The balloons popping in slow motion have to be one of the coolest things ever! Water hoses also make for some pretty cool footage.

What have you caught using the 240fps setting for slow motion video?

GoPro Hero 3 VS GoPro Hero 3+ (Black Edition)

Should I save a few bucks and purchase the GoPro hero 3? Is the new GoPro Hero 3+ really worth the extra money? In the end it’s up to you. What are you going to be using the camera for? Is the difference in the two really gone make or break the outcome of your video? In my opinion I doubt it.

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I was just recently in this exact same scenario. I’m the guy that likes to have the latest and know the guy.. Anyways, I ended up purchasing the GoPro hero 3. It just made sense for me and how I use the camera.


I did a lot of research looking at the difference in the 3 and 3+ (black edition) for me the 3 is everything I need in a small compact camera. The video below helped me decide which camera I wanted and or needed..


Check the video out below and let me know which way your leaning after you watch it you can use the comment box below to let me and the readers here @ goprotipsandtricks know which way your gona go.


I’d love to hear your feedback or answer any questions you have. Use the comment box below.


What size memory card do I need for my go pro? (Video)

I get a lot of emails and pm’s asking this question. ‘What size SD card should I get for my go pro” Instead of creating a post about this I wanted to post a video so everyone can see and so I can point folks who ask this to this link.

If you have a friend who’s asking you this same question, please feel free to send him to this page by sending him the link in the bar up top. I’d appreciate it.

Below is a video that explains exactly which SD card you need to get the most recording time on one card. I picked up a couple go pro tips and tricks from this short informative video.

What did tips did you get out of the video?

Post it in the comment form below so all of the goprotipsandtricks readers can see it.


GoPro Hero 3 VS 3+ Review

Looking for a great review on the newest GoPro Hero 3 plus? Are you ready to pull the trigger and purchase the new hero 3 plus camera? I’m thinking about making the plunge and getting one for myself.

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I’ve been reading and watching different reviews and I’m torn. I’m having a hard time making the $400 purchase. Three months ago I bought the Gopro Hero 3 and thought I was good to go for at least a year. Well what feels like right after I made my purchase they went and upgraded what I thought was the latest and greatest.

One of the review videos that pretty much made my mind up or at least helped is the video below. If you are on the fence about buying the new camera from GoPro, maybe the video below will be able to persuade you one way or the other. It sure helped me.

Whatever you choose you can’t go wrong. I absolutely love my Hero 3 and with the price difference and sales going on lately I might buy another three before I buy a 3+.

Are you going to buy or have you already bought the newest GoPro Hero 3+? Either way leave a comment below and let us know.