GoPro Hero 4 Still Photography Tips

Who doesn’t like capturing an awesome still picture while attempting or landing an awesome trick. Want to take clearer, crisper pics with your GoPro hero 4? Check out the video below. The video below goes you a basic idea of what setting to set your camera to get the most of your GoPro camera.


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GoPro Hero Camera DIY GoPro Pole

I’ve been wanting to either purchase or build a GoPro camera pole. I’ve done quite a bit of research and have decided that I’m going to build my own GoPro pole.

If you’re not very handy, you can still build this reach pole. It’s actually so simple I’m not sure why I didn’t think about it before I saw it. Like I said after reading multiple forum posts, watching a ton of videos, and talking to some friends, I decided to build the GoPro pole in the video below.

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GoPro Accessories OEM VS Cheap Knock off Version

Should you buy OEM or cheap knock off parts for your GoPro Hero camera? What’s the difference? In all honestly not that much. You’d actually be surprised at the quality of the knockoff parts available for your hero camera.

I’ve purchased a lot of OEM accessories and have little to no complaints about the fit and function. On the other hand the only real complaint I have about knock off parts is the build quality. The quality of the materials used is not as nice as OEM parts. The knock off parts still work as designed they just don’t have the same build quality of their OEM counterparts.

I would not hesitate for a minute to purchase and use more knock off parts. I recommend parts to friends and family that do not want to pay often times the extremely high prices for OEM parts. 

Have you purchased knock off parts? Have complaints? Love em? Let us know which parts you’ve purchased and hate or love..

GoPro Hero 4 Tutorial (Video)

I’m still not sold on the new GoPro Hero 4. I’m still not sure if I’ll purchase the new Hero 4 any time soon. After doing more and more research it definitely is temping but not so sure I need it. Want yes but need I don’t know yet..

1080p @120 frames per second is pretty damn impressive. You can get some super killer slow motion video using that setting. How is the battery life with that setting though? Ya, I’m not sure either.

GoPro claims the processor is two times as fast as the previouse model. That’s out right impressive. So much power in such a small lightweight package.

The major drawback with the Gopro’s leading up to the Hero 4 was the horrible video they took in low light conditions. The new auto low light sensor sounds really, really intriguing.

Have a look for yourself. Check out the GoPro Hero 4 Tutorial video below.



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