2015 Buyer’s Guide GoPro Hero “Tis The Season”

Lot’s of new things in the works here @ GoProTips&Tricks. We’ve had several amazing opportunities present themselves over the last several weeks. As the Holidays get closer I’ll be able to provide more detail about the plans we have in the works:)

For now I wanted to provide all the readers and visitors ‘Kyle Martian’s” Newest video Titled “2015 GoPro Holiday Buyer’s Guide”

Lot’s of great info from one of the industries top experts packed into this excellent video. Want to see more video like this one? Visit Kyle Martian’s Youtube Channel GoPro Tips & Tricks .

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GoPro Tip #1 How To Film Steady With GoPro Pole

Going a little old school with this post. Taking it back to the beginning, the basics, the fundamentals you could say. What’s the one major grip you have when watching any video on YouTube or Vimeo? The video is shaky.. “I feel like I’m getting car sick turn it off” Yes, I know I feel the same way. One of the biggest things you can do to improve your videos is stabilize the camera. Yes, something so simple changes the dynamics of your video from amateur to professional. Yes, something so simple.

I was just talking about this with a friend the other day. It made me think of this video that I saw a few years ago. MicBergsma is a very popular YouTuber. His channel is dedicated to the GoPro hero line of cameras. Check out this video and his channel for many more video likes this one.

Have a GoPro Tip or Trick of your own? Do you have your own GoPro YouTube channel? Comment below to have your videos featured on goprotipsandtricks.com


GoPro Camera Snow Biking In Idaho Backcountry (VIDEO)

Pretty badass video filmed with a GoPro Camera. Just ran into this video and wanted to share with all the readers here. If you enjoy dirt biking, snowmobiling, you’ll absolutely love this video. Ronnie Renner up to his usually shenanigans. The guy is a legend in the motocross world.

Would love to get my hands on one of these set ups for my CR250R. Man alive that would be a blast. Tearing up the backcountry on a dirt bike. Sounds badass!


This has to be one of my favorite videos filmed using GoPro Cameras. What’s one of your favorite videos?


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GoPro Hero Camera DIY GoPro Pole

I’ve been wanting to either purchase or build a GoPro camera pole. I’ve done quite a bit of research and have decided that I’m going to build my own GoPro pole.

If you’re not very handy, you can still build this reach pole. It’s actually so simple I’m not sure why I didn’t think about it before I saw it. Like I said after reading multiple forum posts, watching a ton of videos, and talking to some friends, I decided to build the GoPro pole in the video below.

Have you built your own GoPro pole? Let us and our readers know how it worked out for you. Use the comment form below.