GoPole GoPro Hero Camera Grip (Review)

Here you go guys I found this review super helpful in making a decision to build or buy a GoPro Hero Pole grip. Check out this review of the grenade grip. It’s small but yet still severs a purpose.

In the end I made my own for about $12. You can find the parts needs to make this go pro mount at any local hardware store. Others will prefer to order the grip and thats fine I would normally do the same. This DIY mount is so simple and cheap I had to try.

Check out the video and let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

Thank you everyone for your support.

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Top 5 GoPro Hero Accessories (GoPro Tips)

I’m always on the look out for the best or coolest accessory available for my GoPro’s. If you’re also always on the look out for the next best accessory, read on I’ve put together a list of my top 5 GoPro Accessories.

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  • I use a pelican case that fit’s two GoPro cameras and also several accessories. One key feature I look for in accessories is compactness. I like everything to fit into one case. That way I don’t have to carry multiple things and everything is right there when I need it. It also helps when leaving or going to the next place to film that I don’t forget anything.  has just released their compact tripod.

Compact GoPro Tripod



This thing is bad ass. It’s compact and fit’s in my case along with two hero 4’s and several other accessories.  How sweet does this tripod look? Not only does it look really cool, it’s sturdy as heck and functional. It has 6 different locking positions and can also be used as a support base for products.

GoPro Bike Video & Mounting Tips

It’s getting to be that time of year where the goprohd camera only comes out for fishing or hiking outdoor activities. During the off season all we can do is google and watch gopro bike videos on YouTube and Vimeo.

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Once the first snow hits all of our downhill Mnt bike and Dirt bike trails are not ridable until spring thaw. Usually that is in mid to late april before any of the lower trails are ridable again. Until then we are stuck watching old clips and new ones of friends that have just got around to putting there day into a video for us to watch. Below is a link to one of the sickest gopro bike videos on the net. I just wanted to share this with everyone so you guys out their jonesing to ride can jones even

GoPro Bike Video Downhill

I like watching videos on YoTube but it seems like Vimeo is where some of the most talented videographers upload there videos. A lot has to do with the music you can use and also the underground atmosphere is has about it. I hope you enjoyed the video above I thought it was edited really well.

All you really need to get really great gopro bike video is have a decent mount for your camera. The goprohd hero bike mounting clamp will handle just about anything you can throw at it. It is a small but versatile mount that can be used for many other applications besides a downhill mountian bike video.

gopro bike mount


With the above mount you can get some very cool angles. You can use the gopro bike mount on the frame on the handle bar or on the seat post. Whatever angle you need you can probably get it with this very simple and fairly cheap gopro mount. I have this same mount and use it on my snowmobile and also on my fishing rod to get some short filler video for what ever kind of video I’m making at the time.

If you have a gopro bike mount you would like to share please use the contact form so we can share it with all of our readers here at go pro tips and tricks.

Gopro Ar 15 mounts

DIY GoPro Mounts Tripod

GoPro AR15 Picatinny Rail Mount System

Have you ever wondered how you could mount your goprohd to an AR15? Well look no more because there is a very simple way to do this. You can simply buy this mount and mount your goprohd to the bottom, side, or top of any picatinny rail. Sounds cool, huh?

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GoProHD AR 15 Mount

GoProHD AR 15 Mount

GoProhd Picatinny Rail Mount

If you want to put together a video of your day out at the range, then this is the mount for you. This mount is pretty cheap but don’t let that scare you in terms of durability. Having seen and used these mounts first hand I can assure you from the tests we put them through they are solid. These guys have a quick video of them out at the range target practicing using there goprohd with the new picatinny rail mount system. I have attached the video below so you can see just what I’m talking about.

Installation of this go pro mount is a breeze. All you have to do to be in business is slide the mount over the picatinny rail tighten the small screw on the mount slide your goprohd on and you are done. This has to be one of the most versatile go pro accessories on the market for your AR15 today. If you enjoy watching shooting vides then this goprohd mount is for you.

Are you a big handgun shooter? If so these guys have you covered for all your goprohd gun mounts. GoPro AR 15 & Glock mounts These guys have a mount for a Glock that is pretty cool as well. Although I have never used or handled this particular one if it’s anything like the AR15 mount then there is nothing to worry about as far as dependability goes.

Glock goprohd mount

Glock goprohd mount

GoProHD Pole Mount

GoPro Tips And Tricks DIY Mounts

After purchasing the newest goprohd from my local camera shop I was about to put the box away and thought Hmmm.. what could I use that for. Then it hit me a tripod mount.. Yes that’s right a DIY goprohd tripod mount. You probably have all the pieces at your house to make your very own DIY tripod mount.

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All you need is a GoPro box the one it came in and a quick release. You can also get the grab bag of mounts or the pivot mount to be able to get a couple different angles from this simply DIY GoPro mount.

Take the box the camera came in yes the one you were going to throw away and simply remove the top. Once you have the top off you can simply put the buckle and pivot mounts together to create this DIY mount. Once all mounted together the goprohd mount should look like the picture below.

DIY GoPro Mounts

DIY GoPro Mounts

You can use this mount for various different things. I have used this DIY mount for several indoor photo shoots and I have also used this same mount for multiple time lapse shots. If you have never used your goprohd for time lapse, you really should try it. That’s a whole different topic so I wont get into it but you really should just play around with the time lapse option on your goprohd.

This mount is cheap, easy, very versatile. You can use this mount just about anywhere and don”t have to really worry about damaging it. I had a really expensive tripod last year that got totaled in the sand dunes. A sand rail came up over the hill we were filming on and ran it over. Not only did it get ran over but it got stuck to the under carrage and was dragged for over 100 yards. Needless to say it was totaled! If this DIY goprohd mounts breaks, you really are not out a whole lot.