GoPro Accessories OEM VS Cheap Knock off Version

Should you buy OEM or cheap knock off parts for your GoPro Hero camera? What’s the difference? In all honestly not that much. You’d actually be surprised at the quality of the knockoff parts available for your hero camera.

I’ve purchased a lot of OEM accessories and have little to no complaints about the fit and function. On the other hand the only real complaint I have about knock off parts is the build quality. The quality of the materials used is not as nice as OEM parts. The knock off parts still work as designed they just don’t have the same build quality of their OEM counterparts.

I would not hesitate for a minute to purchase and use more knock off parts. I recommend parts to friends and family that do not want to pay often times the extremely high prices for OEM parts. 

Have you purchased knock off parts? Have complaints? Love em? Let us know which parts you’ve purchased and hate or love..

GoPro Power Pole Power Your GoPro All Day

There’s not another GoPro camera accessory on the market that is like the power pole. The power pole eliminates the need for constantly changing the batteries in your camera. It’s one of those camera accessories that you say “Why didn’t I think of that”.

The power pole has a 5200 mAh battery built into grip. The 5200 mAh battery is built into the handle and has a Usb connection near the top of the monopod where the camera connects. It not only has one Usb connection it has two. You can charge two devices at once or leave the camera on the monopod plugged in. PoloarPro PowerPole claims the power pole will extend the GoPro film time up to ten hours. That’s huge! We all know the one big downfall of the GoPro camera is the battery life. If you can get better quality video and not have to change the battery out every hour, this could be a win win.

The power pole serves two basic functions. It serves as a basic monopod and also a battery storage compartment. The power pole extends from the 17 to 30″ position to help get those awesome angles when shooting video.

The Usb connection has a splash proof cover that helps protect it from light rain/snow and any other water related activities.

Check out the video below for a more in depth explanation of the PowerPole.

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GoPro Hero 4 Tutorial (Video)

I’m still not sold on the new GoPro Hero 4. I’m still not sure if I’ll purchase the new Hero 4 any time soon. After doing more and more research it definitely is temping but not so sure I need it. Want yes but need I don’t know yet..

1080p @120 frames per second is pretty damn impressive. You can get some super killer slow motion video using that setting. How is the battery life with that setting though? Ya, I’m not sure either.

GoPro claims the processor is two times as fast as the previouse model. That’s out right impressive. So much power in such a small lightweight package.

The major drawback with the Gopro’s leading up to the Hero 4 was the horrible video they took in low light conditions. The new auto low light sensor sounds really, really intriguing.

Have a look for yourself. Check out the GoPro Hero 4 Tutorial video below.



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GoPro Underwater Dive Housing Filter??

Did you know there was such a thing? I didn’t but sure am glad I do now. Wonder what this GoPro dive housing filter is for? Let me try to explain.

You can use these filter to correct exposure issues with the GoPro underwater and also create some pretty cool special effects with the small filters available on the market. There are several different dive housing filters on the market but two of the most popular filters are the red and polarized filters. Both are fairly cheap and worth buying if you use the camera for a fair amount of underwater video.

Red GoPro Filter: The red filter was designed to improve the auto white balance. The red filter will also help improve the vibrant underwater colors especially near coral reefs. The red filter helps cut down on the blue tone you get when shooting underwater video with the camera.

Polarizer Filter:  The Polarizer filter will obviously reduce glare and also at the same time help with above water saturation color of object in focus. This filter would work great if you shoot or take a lot of videos when it is really sunny out or if you are shooting video or using the camera to take pictures near water. I have used the polarizer filter for a few trips to the mountain snowboarding and have had good luck with the glare being knocked down from the snow with this small filter in the housing.

Installing either the Red filter of the Polarizer filter is actually very straight forward. It does however require one semi special tool. The tool is a T6 star bit screwdriver. You can get the T6 bit or T6 screwdriver at any local hardware store most will stock it. Once you have the right tool the job is quite easy. There are 10 screws that go around the lens. All that is needed it to remove the ten screws and pop the filter into the GoPro’s housing. Most of the newer filters are made for the dive housing or hero 3 housing.

In the last few months multiple companies have started to sell these small filters. Most companies that sell them are reputable I have heard of some knock off filters that have been going around especially in some of the dive forums. A lot of people who scuba dive use these filters to help improve their footage. Just make sure the company you buy the filter or filters from offer a good warranty and are reputable.  Check for on line reviews of the GoPro filters and even the better business bureau before you make a purchase.

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GoPro AR15 Picatinny Rail Mount System

Have you ever wondered how you could mount your goprohd to an AR15? Well look no more because there is a very simple way to do this. You can simply buy this mount and mount your goprohd to the bottom, side, or top of any picatinny rail. Sounds cool, huh?

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GoProHD AR 15 Mount

GoProHD AR 15 Mount

GoProhd Picatinny Rail Mount

If you want to put together a video of your day out at the range, then this is the mount for you. This mount is pretty cheap but don’t let that scare you in terms of durability. Having seen and used these mounts first hand I can assure you from the tests we put them through they are solid. These guys have a quick video of them out at the range target practicing using there goprohd with the new picatinny rail mount system. I have attached the video below so you can see just what I’m talking about.

Installation of this go pro mount is a breeze. All you have to do to be in business is slide the mount over the picatinny rail tighten the small screw on the mount slide your goprohd on and you are done. This has to be one of the most versatile go pro accessories on the market for your AR15 today. If you enjoy watching shooting vides then this goprohd mount is for you.

Are you a big handgun shooter? If so these guys have you covered for all your goprohd gun mounts. GoPro AR 15 & Glock mounts These guys have a mount for a Glock that is pretty cool as well. Although I have never used or handled this particular one if it’s anything like the AR15 mount then there is nothing to worry about as far as dependability goes.

Glock goprohd mount

Glock goprohd mount

GoProHD Pole Mount