I’m always on the look out for the best or coolest accessory available for my GoPro’s. If you’re also always on the look out for the next best accessory, read on I’ve put together a list of my top 5 GoPro Accessories.

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  • I use a pelican case that fit’s two GoPro cameras and also several accessories. One key feature I look for in accessories is compactness. I like everything to fit into one case. That way I don’t have to carry multiple things and everything is right there when I need it. It also helps when leaving or going to the next place to film that I don’t forget anything.  has just released their compact tripod.

Compact GoPro Tripod



This thing is bad ass. It’s compact and fit’s in my case along with two hero 4’s and several other accessories.  How sweet does this tripod look? Not only does it look really cool, it’s sturdy as heck and functional. It has 6 different locking positions and can also be used as a support base for products.


  • If you like shooting and have an AR-15, or any gun for that matter, you have to check out They make some of the most bad ass gun mounts. Check out the pictures below.

GoProHD AR 15 MountHow sweet it is. I know you’ve seen videos on YouTube or Vimeo of people shooting and they have their GoPro’s mounted to a weapon. Now you know how they did it. With the most bad ass GoPro mount on the market for weapons. They have mounts for flashlights and many other accessories. Check em out if you’re in the market for a go pro  gun mount.


  • One of the coolest parts of accessorizing your GoPro is the endless amount of options out there. If you like thinking outside the box when filming, you have to check out They make a clamp style mount that you can use just about anywhere. Especially where it’s to rocky or not stable enough to use a tripod. This little clamps rocks.

GoPro Tricks Let your imagination run wild with this neat mount. You can clamp it on anything to get that one shot you really want but aren’t sure how to mount the camera. Click on the link above to read up on it and to see what it’s made of. Pure genius if you ask me. It’s one of those “Why didn’t I think of that” moments you have in life.


  • If you’ve had your camera for any length of time you’ve thought about shooting some time lapse footage. Learning out to shoot time lapse can be overwellming at first. You have to know what setting to use what angles to use to get the best footage plus you have to figure out how to mount the camera to capture the time lapse footage.

Flow Mow has recently released there handy dandy time lapse mount for go pro and it      will also even support a DSLR.

Gopro mount tricks


How sweet it that. No more messing around with egg timers or trying to build one and have one that just doesn’t work quite right. This mount is dialed. It’s essentially maintenance free and doesn’t require a battery to use. Awesome just what I’m looking for to add to my arsenal. The Flow Mow time lapse mount is compatible with all hero models and also most phones.


  • Anyone and everyone has heard of the LCD backpack. It’s a very cool accessory for the hero platform but it sucks the life out of the battery. If you don’t have back up batteries, the LCD backpack is not for you. Everyone has a smart phone nowadays. They’re part of our everyday life. I know I don’t go anywhere without mine and I’m sure you don’t either. Wan’t to use your smart phone as an LCD backpack? The battery life is still not that great but you can use your phone for a display.

GoPro Mounts Tips & tricksHow sweet is that? I’ve been playing around with mine for the last week and I’m sold. using my iPhone as the LCD backpack doesn’t seem to use as much battery as the Hero backpack. The LCD back pack has several downfalls to it. One is it sucks the life right out of the battery. The second is the display is so small. You can hardly see anything on the LCD backpack? Well at least I can’t. Being able to use the screen on my phone to set up and see the angles the camera is shooting is awesome. I haven’t been out yet to use it in the field I’m hoping this weekend I can get out and get some more pictures of it in action.

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