Top 5 GoPro Mounts & Accessories 2013

I have gathered a few of the best gopro mounts on the market for this up coming year, 2013. These mounts range from fixed position mounts to being able to adjust the camera to just about any angle imaginable.

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The gopro mount that tops the list at least in my opinion is Cliff hanger. This has to be not only one of the coolest mounts but most versatile on the market.  The cliff hanger tops the gopro mounts for its versitility. You can use this mount as a tripod, handle mount, or bolt mount using a carabiner. If you are looking for a small yet powerful mount then this is the one for you.

The pro pole also tops the list for its small but still powerful angles it can capture. Do you ride by yourself a lot? Looking for a third person view from your gopro mounts? This has to be one of the easiest mount to use on the mount market today. The pole itself is 14″ long and has a tip that rotates a full 360 able to capture just about any angle needed. You can also customize this gopro pole to accept countless other gopro accessories. With that being said the Pro-Pole Original is at the top of my gopro mounts list.

The Ultra Clamp Assembly¬†is a very cool gopro mount that can be used with many gopro accessories. This mount works very well for clamping onto those odd ball places either a suction cup mount wont suction to or to a place that maybe a tripod mount just isn’t stable enough on to leave that $400 dollar camera just teetering on. if you want a very versatile mount that can be used for many different applications, then the ultra clamp should be in your gopro accessory bag on your next filming or picture taking outing.

The GoPro Night Vision mount is a small but yet powerful mount that any military or police personal should have if they need to get those hard to get combat or training video or still shots you need without having to use your hands. The gopro night vision mount isn’t for everyone but for the people it is for you won’t regret having it in the arsenal of gopro mounts bag. Look for a coupon for this of you are interested. I have found several on line but they have expired or i would have shared the link to the gopro coupon.

For all you avid shooters out there you have to see this mount. It is for a 12Ga shotgun. Talk about cool. You can mount this mount to the bottom of the shotgun and get some just sick gopro shots from under the barrel of a 12Ga! Talk about a stoking stuffer! I just purchased this mount and hope to have it soon. Once this gopro mount shows up on my door step I will be sure to post pictures and a little review if I see fit. If I have time I will take it to the local range, and try to get a short video put together of this gopro accessory in action.

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