Top 5 Gopro Mounts On the Market

Looking for a new gopro mount? Look no farther then goprotipsandtricks for your list of the top 5 gopro mounts out today.

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Every since the first production cameras came out in the early 1930’s people have wanted to mount cameras in different angles and positions to get the best shot or video. The photography business is forever changing same as the technology business.

I’m going to list the top 5 go pro mounts in no particular order. These mounts are some that I have used and some that I have researched to determine if they should be on this list.  These are all store bought mounts that are going to be listed in this article. In my next post I’ll describe the top ten homemade go pro mounts out there and link a few videos as well

Do you surf or kayak as a hobby? If so, the suction cup mount may be for you. I’ve used the go pro suction cup mount on my kayak several times and couldn’t be happier with it. I prefer to mount the camera up side down when using it in this fashion. Mounting it upside down help prevent some of the shaking that is experienced when using the camera in rough conditions such as heavy whitewater or surf.

Gopro Suction cup mount

The next go pro mount that I’m used to using is probably one of my favorite. This mount works great for several different uses but the one I use it most for is on a fishing rod. The handlebar-seat post mount is probably one of my favorites to use. The video angle is pretty cool and works really well for “filler” in videos. Because the angle of this mount it’s not something you can watch for a long time because you mostly see just the sky and the rod. Like stated above the video makes for great 10-15 second “filler” in short fishing videos we like to make.

GoPro Handlebar Mount

Another great gopro mount is the roll bar mount. I have bought several of these and have them set up on multiple fixed gopro poles. The roll bar mount fits poles that are 1.4″ to 2.5″ (3.5cm – 6.35cm) in diameter. I posted an article about using a go pro pole the link is below. I have several fixed carbon fiber poles that I use exclusively for boat applications and bank fishing excursions. gopro pole

GoPro Roll Bar Mount

Not one of my favorites but it defiantly makes the list is the head strap mount. This gopro mount is probably one of the most used today you see it everywhere. The only problem with this mount is again the shakiness and distorted video it captures. If you stopped for a second and think about how often and how fast you turn your head? Well try it? Exactly not picture that on the LCD big screen playing back. It’s not real fun to watch. Almost makes you feel like your out at see and are green in the face. Yes it makes you feel motion sick. Now this mount does work great for filler in videos and some other short clips. Overall a easy gopro mount to use and works as designed.

GoPro Head Strap Mount

Another cheap and great mount if you have some ingenuity laying around is the tripod mount. Now this little mount can turn a not possibly angle into possible and then some. I love this mount because it not only allows you to adapt multiple different attachments but also allows for homemade mounts to be adapted to it. I use this gopro mount on my my slr tripod and it works like a dream to get those shots I need with a little more stability to them.  Below you will find the link to the mount and also a small video that shows one use with the tri pod mount in many different angles.Tri Pod Mount Video

GoPro Tripod Mount.



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